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The 33 Ways dress is our own design. The dresses are super flattering wether you are size 30 or size 46. We make kiddies sizes up to size 52. They are designed to be excellent with tummies, and adjustable to your desired length and percentage of coverage. The dress falls so well that you can do a full term pregnancy in the size that you would normally wear. Please visit our maternity wear page to see more.

The dresses can be worn either way out and they make six different skirts, six different shirts. They are not only lovely halter neck dresses, the straps can be attached straight for normal bra straps. You control the length of the dress. They can be as short as shirts or full length for the winter with boots and tights. There are styles that include closed backs and proper sleeves. It makes a lovely pancho/wrap for chilly days and a rain hoody goody with a scarf for expected or unexpected showers. There are casual styles and a lovely beach wrap version, classic sundress and then formal styles to wear to a wedding or event.

They make wonderful bridesmaids dresses and you can chose your own fabrics and combinations.

We make limited editions of every pattern and combination so do not hesitate if you see a fabric that speaks to you as it may not be available later. We would be happy to reserve some fabric for you if you let us know that it is what you want. To be sure that a particular fabric is in stock, please see our online shop and our new fabrics section.

Visit us at one of our outlets or shop on line or contact us to discuss your needs.

View our demo movies here. Demo 1 Demo 2